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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  July 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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other doctors and that he is accessible to the working class. >> it's about the price of an latte per day. >> reporter: retaining one of these doctors can cost anywhere from 1500 to $5,000 a year, the average being $2,000 annually. that's the fee to have immediate access. at his office, you only pay for medications beyond that fee and let your insurance company sort out the rest of the treatment costs. he has a small faerms at his office and offers comprehensive immediate care. >> i'm able to save for their medications more than what they're paying cost per month. >> reporter: he makes house calls, as many concierge doctors do. >> i threw out my back and i couldn't come back up again, and he came to our office. >> just like being on the little house on the prairie. . the news keeps coming.
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here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. thousands of people crowded the mall in dc tonight for one of the most spectacular fireworks displays in the nation. will thomas is down there now live, and will, housz the great escape going? >> reporter: if you ever wondered how long it takes for at least 600,000 people to leave the mall all at the same time in an orderly fashion, i base that number on some of the metro numbers from last year. let me tell you, it takes about an hour and-a-half. that's what it takes to clear the national mall. the big crowds now probably on metro trains, people going home right now. let me show you what folks really came for, a spectacular fireworks display every single year. it started at 9:10 this evening and lasted about 20 minutes. the majority of the people gathered on the grass between the washington monument and the reflecting pool in front of the lincoln memorial. just a melting pot of people attending. not just locals but people from all over the world and this is a major draw for tourists.
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>> i like it very much. i'm russian. i want to say. [speaking foreign language] >> what does that mean? >> i think it's so fantastic and incredible to be here with my kids and relatives from canada. >> i think it's amazing. >> it's great. and it's really, really colorful and i love it. . >> reporter: it was an all-day affair for folks. everyone had to pass through security. bags, purses, you name it, coolers, they were all quickly inspected. you couldn't bring alcohol or anything that could be considered a weapon. us park police says considering the size of the crowd, hundreds of thousands of people were in place for at least the fireworks show, only five arrests, three for drugs and two for disorderly
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conduct. if weather had been a problem, there was a continge epsy plan to evacuate people to some of the government buildings like museums. after all the years i've broadcast from the base of the washington monument covering this night, it never gets old. it's a beautiful night. >> makes you proud to be an american. will thomas tonight. clean up continues from a violent storm that swept across the area yesterday. in arlington, trees and power lines were knocked down. the winds topped 60 to 70 miles per hour. many thought it was a tornado but the national weather service says it was a macro burst, a violent burst of wind that hit the ground and spread damage in all directions. >> you can see the trees bending over and just toppling over homes, and you can hear them. it was a loud noise. >> here's where we're at right now, dominion power reporting about 2,000 outages in northern virginia. bge has about 230 customers in
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the dark. a falling tree killed a man as he was riding his bike last night near mile marker 33, between whites ferry and edwards ferry. neal rike of forest hills new york was there on a two-day bike trip with a friend. in pennsylvania, five people are recovering after lightning struck yesterday morning. five people were sent to the hospital. reenactment officials say three small tents were also damaged. >> some damage was done to the tent poles, and it's my understanding that it hit the ground but other than that, no. now, the storm of course always with heavy winds can be intense but we were very, very lucky. >> all of the victims were treated and released. the casey anthony trial moves to a new phase. fox's shawn yancy is everywhere
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at 11:00, shawn. >> the fate of casey anthony is now in the hands of the jury. they started deliberating around noon and did not reach a verdict. anthony is charged with first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. if convicted, she could face the death penalty. the jury resumes deliberations tomorrow. a french novelist is accusing strauss-khan of attempted rape. she claims it happened when she was trying to interview him in 2002. he's accused of sexual assaulting a hotel maid in manhattan also. he says they will file a lawsuit against the french novelist for slander. amanda knox is back in court. the young american in italy jailed for murder. lifetime did not show up for the hearing so the case has been delayed to january. a ruling on knox's appeal could come this fall, brian. to a touching tribute to the
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vet rans of the vietnam war. a smaller version is making its way across the country in seattle. the replia is 240 feet long and 8 feet high and prompting powerful emotions. >> this is the first time i've ever dared venture to the wall, and it's har, but it's good. i'm glad i did it. i'm glad i'm here. i don't really know anybody that died over there. i just wanted to learn about it and i just wanted to see it, so i came over. >> the 3/4 scale version includes the names of more than 59,000 men and women who died in the vietnam war. hackers strike again. this time attacking fox news political twitter accounts. why the secret service is getting involved in the investigation. the us doesn't have a consistent policy in how to deal with suspected terrorists. some in congress now say it's time to make a decision. a few of the other stories on our run-down.
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the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. 
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>> hackers attacked fox news political account posting updates claiming the president was assassinated six tweets were sent claiming president obama was shot in iowa. fox news calls this malicious. there is an ongoing debate over what to do with suspected terrorists, and as fox news' katherine heridge reports, the answer could determine how much we learn about our enemies. >> reporter: with no new detainees at guantanamo bay
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since 2008, they say capturing leaders alive is an issue. >> what's the longest we can keep somebody on? >> it depends on whether or not we can process the individual in a us court or return them to a third-party country. >> reporter: what if you can't do either one. >> then we'll release the individual. >> reporter: with no consistent policy on detention or prosecution, intelligence sources tell fox they hear the preemptive option has apparently become the kill option. under president obama's watch, operatives have been killed by cia or military operations, including naban, an alleged planner of the embassy bombings in east africa. the top leader in afghanistan and another operational commander was reportedly killed in pakistan. in a recent news conference, the president insisted gaining intelligence remained a
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priority. >> that mitigates against this danger that you're suggesting that our main goal is going to be to kill these individuals as opposed to essentially capturing them. >> with no new high value testers, some intelligence say it's a long term casualty. >> because of the reluctance of the administration, you have essentially pushed this program into an area where you either have to kill someone or let them go. >> reporter: just last week, the obama administration says the corner stone of the strategy is surgical strikes. the campaigns in ypeshgs men and somalia are identical to the traveled areas in pakistan. in washington, fox news. the flags flown after the 911 attacks at the world trade center is on a journey across america. everyday people are bringing the flags back to life. how many drinks is too much before getting behind the wheel. the answer may surprise you.
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first, a little royal competition for the duke and duchess of cambridge. the two raced paddle boats during their trip to the island. williams' team won and the new bride showed her sportsmanship by throwing them in the water. they will head to california later this week.
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>> americans from across the country are rebuilding a flag that was destroyed while flowing over ground zero. shepard smith report joos it appeared over ground zero in the days after after 9-11. a flag meant to be a symbol of hope but it fell apart and that upset volunteers picking up pieces at the twin towers. >> it became an issue because of the deterioration it was suffering by blowing in the wind against torn scaffolding. >> reporter: they had them take it down in october '01. >> there were a lot of pieces missing, and it was shredded pretty good. >> reporter: he put it away for seven years. charlie was going to have the flag honorably retired. instead, he and his friend jeff decided to let america bring old is on a 50-state former glory.
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journey. we're letting people stick stitch it back together. >> reporter: they went to greensburg, kansas, back in 2008, to help folks rebuild after a devastating tornado. a group of women taking flags that survived that storm and using them to patch the one at ground zero back together like a good old fashioned quilting bee. today, the stars and stripes looking less like a quilt and more like itself. it now holds the red white and blue together. one person at a time, one stitch at a time, americans hand sewing the flag in towns across the country, including places touched by tragedy, like pearl harbor in hawaii and fort hood in texas. >> when we're all done, we're going to have somewhere between 10,000 and 30,000 stitchers. >> reporter: anyone can line up
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and take a turn. each stitch, as individual as people who make them. >> shepard smith reporting. once fully restored, the flag will become part of the permanent collection at the 911 memorial museum which is under construction at ground zero. a major food chain going green, and how much alcohol is too much before getting behind the wheel. shawn yancy shawn yancy back with your fox top 5. up first tonight, mcdonald's new plan for french fry grease. number 5, the chain is going green in the united arab of emirates. they are trying to use its left over vegetable oil and will convert it into bio diesel fuel. number 4, buying gold is as simple as buying candy from a vending machine. check it out. it is called gold to go. stick in your cash and out pops your gold. 50 of these machines are being installed in britain. it's a way for everyday people
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to invest in the precious metal. would you like a little merlot with your burger and fries. it could be a reality in several fast food restaurants. this sonic drive-in will serve beer and wine. burger kings will serve beer at their whopper bars. the experts say it means more sales and more jobs. number 2, before you order your next drink, you should know even a single glass of beer or wine could raise your blood alcohol level enough to raise your chances of getting into a crash if you decide to drive. researchers say that means even one drink is too much if you plan to get behind the wheel. number 1, to keep you from droivg drunk tonight, the washington regional alcohol program silver ride program is in effect. from now to 4:00 a.m. you can get free cab rides home to your house only. you can call 800-200-8294. brian, that's tonight's fox 5
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top 5. >> the good news is we don't have to do a lot of answering to the folks at the beach tonight. they got the brunt of the weather it looks like. >> they had one storm that sat between destiny and ocean city. i think 120 or something like that. literally right in there, and it just sat there for quite awhile. if you were south of the board walk, you were pretty good. this one little cell out there decided bethany beach was the place it was going to be for the fourth. in terms of here on the mall, it was good. a little hot, humid and lazy today but that's july 4th weather around here, and we had fireworks going off without a hitch this evening. silver springs was canceled tonight but whether or not they'll reschedule those for tomorrow or a later date is yet to be determined. right along 66, a few showers there, the thunderstorms have really calmed down. we haven't really had a thunderstorm in the last hour or hour and-a-half or so, up to the
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north and northwest it's dry. i do not suspect that we're going to have any problems out there this evening with any more thunderstorms. a lingering shower is pretty much going to be it. listen, this is where we have been this evening. this frontal system is laying out across the area. south of the front, that's where all the big thunderstorms were tonight. all the severe weather, down around richmond and points south. for us, we just had a few little thunderstorms working along the front, a little bit more stable up here, so we haven't had anything severe, and i mentioned the beach earlier, and that one little storm system was hanging out over northern sections of ocean city, southern sections of bethany, but if you were at home, you were dry and in southern sections of ocean city you were dry. a spotty thunderstorm tomorrow. wednesday, high of 91. and thursday, of all the days this week, thursday will be the
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day that we have the best chance of widespread showers and thunderstorms. probably some strong and severe weather late in the afternoon too. 82 right now and holding. lower 80s in the city. dulles is at 75, frederick 73. across the bay, stephensville 79, cambridge 75, leonards town is 72. so where it's cooling out there is actually fairly nice. what about highs today all the across the nation? it was pretty much summer time for everybody for this july 4th. dallas 100 degrees, wichita, 98, and even over on the east coast, raleigh, north carolina, was up to 99 today. national was up to 91. just some clouds overnight. mid-60s for the suburbs. temperatures in the sea overnight tonight. only into the lower 70s. we start off mild with some clouds. mostly sunny at noon with 86 and a high temperature which will reach up to about 90 degrees.
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muggy tomorrow, wednesday and thursday, and by friday and saturday, we'll dry out, cool off a little bit heading into the weekend with one of those summer-time cold fronts. dave ross coming back with sports. stay with us, the edge will continue.
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly.
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but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >> happy fourth of july. i'm dave ross. today, there was a little bit of everything at nat's park, baseball, hot dogs. i'm sure you could find some apple pie, and fireworks after another wild ending in front of
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the home fans. cubs were in town today. top of the fourth, nats were up 2-1. 2 on, 2 out, no problem. here comes jason worth, roger bernadinna. communication, people. here comes another run, and he is safe at the plate. 3-2 kubz. at that point, davy johnson. what in the world of wild, wild sports is going on. cubs make it 4-2 and jason worth comes up throwing, and pudge rodriguez and he meet at the dish. they tie it up at the 4th. watch the quick hands of danny espinosa. jason worth, still a tie game, going to steal third in the bottom of the 10th. so you say that's a good move because there's only one out. carlos getting wild in the wild
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pitch but worth comes in with the winning run. nats win again at home 5-4. about that come-back. >> the thing i like the most is we gave it two runs back to back and that should never happen. it should have gone to nine, and guys bounced back and we won the ball game so it was a big team victory. >> meanwhile, good news tonight on the farm, we've got movement for harper promoted from double a harrisburg and he made a good first impression. there he is taking the field for the first time in double a ball playing left field for harrisburg. on the first ever pitch in double a. just a nice rope up to center field for a base hit. he later comes up for a second at bat. that goes out, but all in all, two for three. way to go, tucker. in arlington, that military man getting a chance to be a camera man for the orioles and
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rangers on the holiday, and adrian beltrade, my advice, widen out, because that ball is crushed. a towering two-run blast and the rangers showing plenty of fire power on this night, blasting them 13-4. stage 3 of the tour de france, the 123-mile ride. tyler ferrard becoming the first american to win a stage. good for him. his teammate continues to lead overall. it's the fourth of july tradition that brian bolter doesn't understand, and neither do i. the nation's annual hotdogs eating contest. she ate 40 hotdogs and buns. in 10 minutes, she gets a pink trophy and there's joey chest nut. he's won it four times in a row. make it five. 62 dogs in 10 minutes. yeah. i don't know how you do it. congratulations, i think. and finally, i asked our twitter followers to give me the best
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sports movie of all time with a fourth of july significance. not an easy question tonight but we're going to go with the baseball movie the sand lot. apparently, there were fireworks and people seem to agree that is the best fourth of july baseball movie. not quite sure. i haven't seen it. thank you for your suggestions and for following me on twitter. you should follow brian bolter who will wrap up the edge in just a moment: [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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